WEBSITE Development

Fully Tailored Web Applications That Fits Your Business Operational Requirements.

Web Application Solution
Improve your business operations
We build web-based applications to enhance your business operational efficiency tailored to your business brand and needs.
Content Management System
Start selling online!
We develop Fully Customized CMS Websites for all types of industries designed to reach your audience by providing a dashboard that allows you and your team to create and manage the content easily.
Portfolio Website
For Personal or Business
We build compelling portfolios to promote and showcase your Business Services and your Personal Skills. Highlighting your Best Achievement of work.
ERP Systems
Your Company in a single portal
We provide ERP Solutions and customization for any type of industry that enable organizations to manage and control an entire business, from supply chain, production, and inventory all the way to sales, accounting, and human resource activities.
e-Commerce Website
Start selling online!
We create seamless, scalable, and powerful online stores for companies of all sizes using Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

MOBILE APP Development

COREGAME Experts makes it the best in Mobile App Development.


Free Cost Inquiry

Get free & excellent pieces of advice on your Mobile app development idea.

User Friendly Apps

We create innovative mobile app features that are uniquely design, easy to navigate, and user-friendly apps.

Fully Customized Apps

We build apps across multiple platforms (IOS, Android, Enterprise & Hybrid App) tailored to your business branding.

In Trend App Designs

Our Dedicated design team helps in creating stunning designs for your business application needs.

Quality is our Priority

We undergo testing process to ensures that the apps are of working well with quality and free from bugs and errors..

AR/VR Development

Create AR Experience Everywhere


COREGAME provides the most effective solution to solve problems in Sales

and Marketing, Architecture, Indoor Navigation, and Educational Learning,
scaling your business to be the leader in digital transformation across diverse
industries and markets.

Our team delivers a game-changing ultimate 3D experience to our clients,
supporting businesses to move forward with great potential and endless

Augment Reality can serves as:
Architectural Demonstration
Give your client a virtual tour of their building
projects and houses before it is built.
With AR, you can show the view of the building at
full scale in your mobile or tablet app.
Give Clients To Enjoy their Visits More.
AR Navigation shows users the shortest possible route to their destination in Real-Time and
without deviations.
Capture Student's Interests, and make their learning be in a fun and entertaining way.
Enhance Education and make it more immersive, integrate AR into your learning material.

AIoT Solutions

Your End-to-End AIoT Software Solutions in Cleaning Industry

Air Quality
The Air Quality sensor detect odours in an Indoor environment, sending alerts to the facility personnel that which requires immediate restoration..
Customs Feedback
The device captures user feedback in real-time using a simple 5-star or smiley faces system.
Dispenser Bin Level Detector
Use to detect fill levels of consumables within dispensers as well as bin levels.
Cubicle Light Sensor Occupancy
We use a universal traffic light system to visually notify washroom users whether a cubicle is occupied or vacant.
People Counter Sensor
Giving counts to the number of people entering a facility.

Development Processes


Requirement and Gathering

This is our first and foremost priority of developing our project by gathering the requirements, resources, and information needed.

Analyze and Plan

We go thorough deep analysis and planning to identify requirements, define team structure, and prepare for product roadmap.

UI/UX Design

We create appealing designs with the latest tools of designing to make it the best user-friendly experience.

Development and Coding

We use the latest tool and technologies in developing mobile applications/we/blockchain with accuracy and transparency.

Development and Coding

We use the latest tool and technologies in developing the applications and solutions.

Testing and Debugging

We do run tests and test flights for all our products pre-releasing to identify any functional and non-functional issues and resolve them in early stage.

Deployment and Support

We provide full support after deployment, in addition COREGAME will provide a customized support plan tailored to your needs.


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About COREGame

COREGame Technology Solutions W.L.L is a technology solutions provider we are specialized in Augmented Reality and Video Game Development, we are based in Qatar.

COREGame was formed in September 2018 and officially started operations in the year 2020. The founders at COREGame have a passion for games and technology, thus jointly agreed to bring their dreams into reality by developing world-class games and technology solutions.

We have decided to halt new investment requests.
Last update 20-April-2022
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