Game Development

A full cycle of game development, from a sketch to an engaging product on your desired platform / device. Check the type of games we are interested to make below.
We are not accepting any new game development requests, as we are commited with our awsome clients and we would like to give them our best!
These are games we design explicitly and exclusively for educational purposes, with ingrained secondary or incidental value. Our target in developing educational games is to help learners understand complex concepts, learn a skill as they play, reinforce development, and understand given culture or historical concepts. We fully understand the psychological need and benefits gaming has on learning and we will to see more games for leaning become mainstream in modern classrooms. In these educational games, we endeavour to bring to the market games that teach learners rules, goals, problem-solving, and adaption – all represented in an interactive game.
Indie games are mainly made by small teams or individuals, using the best of their ability to provide an innovative game play or idea, taking a risk to add a new innovation to the game play, game mechanics or even the graphics, a risk that only indie developers can take and the AAA companies prefer to avoid.
Branding informative games aim to provide an information or a knowledge to the players, their audience are normally of young ages. 
Informative games are unlike the commercial games, no micro payments will be include nor ads and the progress of such games is usually minimal compared to the branding commercial games.
This type of games is made to keep the audience aware of any new product while making money using microtransactions and ads.

Game Development Consultancy

Utilizing our experience to direct a game development production, we can provide consultancy for game coding, generating graphical asset, technical writing, music and sound engineering.
We are glad to accept clients who are in need to our consultancy services

Game Asset Creation

We povide high quality game assets, such as concept art, 2D/3D graphics, stories, music composing and producing, sound engineering, voice over and coding parts of the game.
We are glad to accept clients who are in need to visual and audio game assets.
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