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Elevate your brand and events with our game development services. Engage audiences, showcase products, and stand out from competitors in a fun and interactive way.


Educational Games

We specialize in designing and developing educational games that transform learning into an enjoyable and engaging experience, catering to various age groups and subjects.


Trivia Games

Challenge knowledge enthusiasts with our trivia games. We create a competitive atmosphere for players to showcase their expertise while enjoying interactive, educational gameplay.


Branding Games

Our branding games empower you to establish a strong online presence, boost brand recognition, and engage your audience in a uniquely memorable way.


Entertaining Games

Whether it's action, adventure, simulation, or any genre you desire, we create entertaining games that captivate players and keep them coming back for more.


Casual Games

Quick and enjoyable gaming is at your fingertips with our casual games, available on various platforms. We make every moment a gaming opportunity.

Game Development
Cost Estimator

COREGAME Technology Solutions provides a comprehensive game development price calculator for estimating project costs across various platforms. Factors such as platform, graphics, and gameplay mechanics are considered. Our tool assists in understanding the costs involved in game development, ensuring proper planning and collaboration for successful projects.

About COREGame

COREGAME Technology Solutions W.L.L is a software development provider we specialize in Video Game Development, Website design and development and SEO services, we are based in Qatar.

COREGAME was formed in September 2018 and officially started operations in the year 2020. The founders at COREGAME have a passion for games and technology, thus jointly agreed to bring their dreams into reality by developing world-class games and technology solutions.

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