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BeyondSolarGame Mobile Version was made with GameSalad for iOS.

BeyondSolarGame for steam is a full rework, it will be a much bigger game than the one available for iOS, we are expecting to launch it in the 1st Quarter of 2021.

We @COREGameDev are using Unity to produce our games and applications.

Story of CORE Game Dev

The story started in 1991, when my father bought for me MSX with couple of cartridges! I was astonished with the colors and art that I can interact with! just like magic for me, 9 years later I met another adventurer who was deceived by the same magic! but the magic at that time was really powerful! it was way beyond MSX, it evolved to SEGA, NINTENDO and Personal Computers (PC)! 10 years of sleepless nights and eye strains we decided to make our own magic! yet it wasn’t official.

"September 2018 CORE Game - for games development LLC." came to life and now we are working hard to cook something that worth your motor skills, vision and time!

Beyond Solar [STEAM] Patch Notes:

Patch 0.2.15

With all the positive and constructive feedback we have received from our great fans and testers, we are happy to release our new patch 0.2.15. New elements has been added to the game as well many fixes has been applied to make the experience more stable than ever.

The below are main key elements of the latest patch:

1- Cinematic Intro: A cinematic intro is available now for the player to watch the first time they start the game or by playing it from the main menu.

2- New level design: A remake of the whole background graphic of the first stage, now with more details and depth.

3- Music fix: The music now is playing in order with the current activity of the player.

4- Screen resolution: Resolution now is only accessible from the main menu settings with only two options for full screen full HD and 4K and HD for windowed mode.

5- New animations: new weapons graphics and animations including bullets, rockets and beams.

6- Assault and Turtle mode update: Charging and activation gauges design is remodeled.

7- Arsenal Updates: The arsenal is updated with new designs and weapons names.

8- Aircraft Animation: The player aircraft now have new movement animations to be more engaging.

9- Bug fixes: Several bug fixes and stability improvements.

10- Steam page: Beyond Solar page is now live on Steam with screen shots and gameplay trailer.

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Thanks and stay safe.

Patch 0.2.11
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